If You Manage an Organization

Picture your organization:

  • Requiring less redirection from you
  • Making better use of resources and time
  • Providing you rock-solid analysis with clear and well-thought-out action steps
  • Aligning their efforts with your department goals
  • Moving projects ahead quickly and efficiently
  • Driving profitability

If You’re an Individual Contributor

Picture yourself:

  • Brushing away the nervous anxiety of a new assignment or new position
  • Enjoying the confidence to prepare thoroughly researched, well organized, and data-rich reports on complex topics
  • Being in professional demand—even during severe economic downturns—due to your ability to solve problems, communicate strategy, and embrace opportunities
  • Being an essential contributor to your clients or your boss
  • Analyzing baffling—seemingly impenetrable—problems and communicating solutions with deftness and sensitivity

Standard Courses

Hand writing

Business Writing Workshop

How We Conduct the Course

Students/attendees provide examples of their writing before the workshop.  The instructor/coach analyzes and edits these samples before the course and brings them to the workshop.  During the 2 days of classroom training, attendees learn the principles of effective and efficient business writing.  The students transfer what they learn into immediate improvements to their writing.  The course is fun and engaging.

What You Will Learn

The workshop provides proven tools to:

  • Clearly focus
  • Organize the facts
  • Make sense out of chaos
  • Communicate clearly and with impact
  • Detect and eliminate mistakes
  • Create persuasive documents
  • Motivate action
Economic decision making

Economic Decision Making Workshop

How We Conduct the Course

The course combines a full suite of modern learning tools to accelerate your learning. During the 3-4 days of classroom training, the instructor/coach presents the material using visual, audio, and kinesthetic elements so students/attendees see, hear, and experience the ideas and concepts. The instructor’s teaching toolbox includes presentations, demonstrations, problem solving, debriefings, the Socratic method, and even music.

Students enjoy the energy, knowledge, and wit of the instructor.  He uses his towering command of the discipline to personalize the instruction to fit each organization’s needs and to keep the delivery fresh with each workshop.

Every course includes a pre-class and post-class assessment. The class notes and electronic files support application of the material when employees return to their normal jobsites.

What You Will Learn

The workshop provides a thorough understanding of:

  • Time value of money
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Economic principles
  • Cost of capital
  • Investment decision making tools
  • Taxes
  • Risk analysis
  • Inflation and escalation

Custom Courses

Towering Skills can customize workshops to match your particular need for business writing, business economics, or financial analysis.

Our Experience

Our primary instructor, Charles Maxwell, has been teaching and coaching people in business how to write and how to make economic decisions for more than 30 years.  This role grew out of 40 years’ work as an engineer and manager.  He has repeatedly demonstrated how clear communications—especially illuminating the costs and benefits of plans and actions—have proven hugely influential in achieving results.

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