Towering Skills LLC Helps Solve the Following Problems with Organizations

  • Staff needs constant redirection
  • Organization wastes resources and time
  • Stakeholders are not on board
  • Analysis and documents produced by the group are confusing, incomplete, and unconvincing
  • Projects crawl—rather than run

We do this through coaching, training, and mentoring.

Popular Workshops

How We Conduct This Workshop

Persons attending the workshop provide examples of their writing before the class.  The instructor/coach analyzes and edits these samples before the course and brings them to the workshop.  During the 2 days of classwork, those attending the course learn the principles of effective business writing.  The students transfer what they learn into immediate improvements.  The course is fun and engaging.

How We Conduct This Workshop

The course combines a full suite of modern learning tools to accelerate learning. During the 3-5 days of classwork, the instructor/coach presents the material using visual, audio, and kinesthetic elements so those attending see, hear, and experience the ideas and concepts. The instructor’s toolbox includes presentations, demonstrations, problem solving, debriefings, the Socratic method, and even music.

Students enjoy the experience. The instructor uses his command of the discipline to personalize instruction to fit each organization’s needs and to keep the delivery fresh.

Every course includes a pre-class and post-class assessment. The class notes and electronic files enable those who attend to rapidly apply the material when they return to their work.

Custom Courses

Towering Skills can customize workshops on project management, stakeholder management, and business presentations to match your organization’s particular need.


Charles Maxwell has been teaching and coaching people in business for more than 30 years.  His specialties are business writing, financial analysis, project management, and business presentations. These roles grew out of 40 years’ work as an engineer and manager.  He has repeatedly demonstrated how to generate economic value, prepare convincing documents and presentations, and drive productivity.